Training At Your Convenience


Law Enforcement or Security Team

We can bring the shoot, don't shoot scenario simulator to your facility. Two day minimum. Very affordable. State- of-the-Art technology. Over 300 scenarios in HD with life size screen.  

Real Weapons with recoil. References available.

Picture depicts a SWAT hostage scenario.


If you've been thinking about getting a handgun for protection but have been hesitant to get started, then our virtual shooting range is the perfect place to start.  We can help you with gripping, aiming, trigger control and shooting. We'll cover the fundamentals of firearms safety. After you gain confidence with your ability, you'll be ready for the live fire range and additional instruction.  The virtual range have real handguns with recoil.  It is ballstically accurate. And, you can shoot a lot more for a lot less dough.  Give us a call.

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Advanced Tactics

Most of us don't train like a S.W.A.T. team member or a special operator going to war. Maybe you go to the range once a month and are able to shoot a static target 15 or 30 feet down range. It is much more difficult when your target is moving, your target is shooting back at you and you are drawing a holstered weapon. That's what virtual training does for you.  It gives you that element of surprise and split second decision making that may be required of you in a hostile situation.  If you have either a firearm at home or carry concealed, you'll appreciate the added training benefit.  Shoot more frequently and save your bullets by going virtual.  

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